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Summay of Qualifications

Certified residential real estate appraiser by the Department of Commerce of the Commonwealth of Virginia and State of Tennessee. Proficient in the appraisal of residential, 2 to 4 family units, vacant land real estate properties, new construction, and manufactured homes for the intended use of purchase, refinance, equity, relocation, settlement of joint estate, REO, settlement of decreased estate, list for sale and buyer interests, condemnation, IRS, VHDA, and Rural Development. Certified FHA appraiser by HUD.

Formal Education

B.A. Organizational Management & Leadership
Virginia Intermont College, Bristol, Virginia
Real Estate Appraisal Courses and Seminars
Principles of Real Estate (Course)
Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal (Course)
Advanced Residential Real Estate Appraisal (Course)
Appraisal Rules & Regulations Practices (Course)
Small Residential Income Appraisal (Course)
Litigation Skills for the Appraiser (04-00)
Vacant Land Appraisal (01-01)
Introduction to Review Appraisal (01-01)
Real Estate Fraud and The Appraiser’s Role (03-01)
Virginia State Mandated Law Course (03-01)
Standards & Ethics (04-02)
Residential Construction (03-03)
Appraising the Oddball: Nonconforming & Difficult Properties (03-03)
Real Estate Damages: Assessment & Testimony (03-03)
Mandatory 3-hour Virginia State Law Update (04-03)
The Cost Approach Revisited and a Special Look At Depreciation (04-03)
The Residential Income Approach (09-26& 09-27-04)
Residential Report Writing: A Study of Compliance in Written Communication (09-28 & 09-29-04)
Appraising for the Secondary Market (02-03-05)
Appraising the Nuisance/Residue Parcels (02-24-2005)
Appraising Vacant Land and to Incorporate S/D Development for both Residential and Non-Residential (02-24-05)
Appraising High-Value Residential Properties (03-13-05)
Residential Sales Comparison (03-15-06)
FHA and the New Residential Appraisal Forms (05-19-06)
The National USPAP 7-hour Update Course (05-08-07)
Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach (05-18 & 05-19-07)
REO Appraisal: Appraisal of Residential Property for Foreclosure and Pre-foreclosure (05-09-08)
New FHA and The Appraisal Process (09/29/08)
Appraisal Challenges: Declining Markets and Sales Concessions (11/11/08)
7 Hour National USPAP Course (03/04/09)
The New Residential Market Conditions Form (03/10/09)
101 GR (Basic Appraisal Procedures) (06/15/09 - 06/18/09)
Oneline Using Your HP12C Financial Calculator (06/26/09)
Marshall & Swift Cost Approach to Residential Appraisal (06/28/09)
Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach (07/22/09)
Residential Applications & Case Studies Pt. I (08/28/08 - 08/29/09)
Advanced Residential Report Writing Pt II (08/30/09 - 09/03/09)

Employment History

1999-Present Hess Appraisal Company Inc., Chilhowie, VA Certified Residential Real Estate                                    Appraiser

Professional Affiliations

Affiliate Member-Southwest Virginia Association of Realtors
Affiliate Member-Northeast Tennessee Association of Realtors
Associate Member-The Appraisal Institute


David Rhea- New Peoples Bank, Chilhowie (276) 646-2700

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